Update No.3: turns out the websites weren’t updated and that was a brand new 2018 Trax. Since it’s new it probably hasn’t been refreshed. Found out from the police report of the incident. Well I’m stupid. My guess is that his ‘16 Versa shit the bed after 2 years and so he replaced it with another POS. If Kinja lets me I’ll try to upload the footage.

Update No.2: after seeing the dash footage myself I saw it was a black 1st Gen Chevy Trax with the license plate hqf w72. However, I searched the plate and it came up as a 2016 Nissan Versa on multiple websites. Fuck. Help?

Update no. 1: They’re back. Dad said that the cops are looking into it and there was a witness too. They’re also reviewing the dashcam footage. As for the car, it has paint chips, scratches and the rim was scraped. It can still drive though, so that’s good. I wanna see where this goes and if we get anything good out of it.


I just learned this from my little sister who was in the car with my dad and little brother on the way back from school when some shithead hit them and then proceeded to drive off. I don’t know how bad it is and this is still developing as I text my sister. All I know is that it’s the other guy’s fault because he hit he CR-V and then drove off. Fucking hell. At least they seem to be fine since my sister’s able to text me. Updates will follow.