Some Fuel for Thought: Toyota Supra

Rumor has had it for a while, that despite collaborating with BMW, Toyota will release the next Supra with a hybrid V-6 powertrain. But the Supra has always had an inline 6! But wait, isn’t there another Toyota that has a hybrid V-6 setup?


Get excited, folks, because this is the future!


Just kidding, here’s the car I’m really talking about!

That’s right, the TS050 racing at Le Mans right now is here to test the tech that will trickle down to the next Supra. I’m calling it now, if Toyota wins this year (we’ll see) then we’re going to see the next Supra revealed sooner rather than later.

Let’s just hope the Supra isn’t cancelled 3 minutes before making it to production...

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