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Some good news, finally.

I’m 99% sure I have a job again. It’s somewhere between a “side hustle” and a real job, in that anyone with a truck can do it, but there’s a central office and hourly pay and whatnot. It’s called Propane Taxi, and it’s just delivering propane tanks around the city for 3, 6, or 9 hours at a time. I get to choose my schedule. The pay is okay, with close to minimum wage as a base rate and commission on top. I’m going to the in-person training in about half an hour, and then I’ll probably start on Wednesday (I’m busy moving, but it should hopefully only take another day or two to get all my stuff back to my parents’ house). Maybe I can fit in a 3-hour block today or tomorrow, too.

But anyway, yeah, it's been over a month since I quit my last job. I've been slowly racking up my credit card debt with $1 microwave pastas and the dreaded $40 tank of gas every week or so. In hindsight, I shouldn't have been driving around as much as I was, but whatever. The important thing is I can start paying off my debt and then, hopefully, have spending money again.


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