I was cruising down the right lane on my way back home earlier today, when a guy in a Fiesta caught to me and signaled me to roll down the window. I did so at the next stoplight, fearing something had broken down and he wanted to warn me about it, but what he said instead was "How much for the car, man? I'd give you 15 thousand (reais) right here." I told him it wasn't for sale, and he goes and starts praising the car, saying that he'd never seen a Sedicivalvole before, how much he liked his father's Tipo 1.6 was, and that he'd always wanted a Sedicivalvole but never found any in the area and how mine just had to be the most well kept Tipo he's ever seen.

He congratuled me another 2 or 3 times and asked to race me off the green light, just so he could listen to the engine revving. That was... actually pretty cool, makes me proud of my little Fiat you know...

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