Take this nice, yet dirty, V8 Vantage picture as a bonus.

So I was pretty much settled on my next car. IDK if this guy is fear mongering or what but he sure has inceptioned me when it comes to the Lotus Elise and Evora. Previously I was “inceptioned” about my WRX I owned years ago after TWO of my friends had blown engines. I couldn’t drive the car like I wanted to anymore because I was in fear at all times of it blowing up, so I ended up selling it.

Now it’s off to find another alternative once more.

I know people might mention alternatives so car requirements:

Sports Car - on the lighter or more nimble side.

Decent (imo) Power to Weight. ie. 3000lb 300hp car. No 240SX or FRS type vehicles. Tiny cars, ie elise, I have more of a tolerance for missing the mark here because they simply feel faster than they are.


Street class Autocrossable - No supercharged FRS or 2zz MR2, though other than this they would fit.

Not overly power - no 500+hp cars.

Can be had for around $30,000 give or take $5k-$10k depending on how excited I am for the car.


What kind of vehicle it is is irrelevant to me really. If they made 4 door wagons that check these boxes, like a turbo E30 touring, I would be up for it. It just has to be a capable quick nimble vehicle.

edit: I guess my link/picture is getting kinja’d?