I was originally going to post a photodump of a car show I was at, but kinja is a bag of dicks, so you get some rambling about my new Volvo instead.

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I like that when I hit the gas, I almost immediately have acceleration, partly because this is a more powerful engine than I’m used to, but mostly because this transmission is willing to downshift. I’m used to the awful 4EAT in the Subaru that I need to manually downshift if I’m planning on shooting a gap in traffic. Not necessary with the AW55, because it actually downshifts. A novel concept, I know.

I think I get turbos now. I didnt think I would like this type of power delivery, but it’s addicting. It’s such an eager feeling engine, once the turbo starts to spool it just wants to go more. Again, the Subaru is the opposite. The EJ253 is agricultural, and likes to bog when you try and get it to give you more power. This strange 5 cylinder turbo gem of a motor requires very little throttle for normal driving, and is more than happy to haul if you ask it to.

The suspension is tired, it’s a bit crashy over some bumps, and the steering wants to follow ridges and dips, I assume from work control arm bushings or ball joints. All that said, the ride is still much comfier than the Subaru, and less fatiguing. I can’t chuck it into corners like the Subaru, but that’s understandable. It goes smoothly into a lower gear when I give it gas after corners, instead of a clunky, reluctant downshift.

Visibility is good, especially out the back. The big flat rear and side windows make reversing and parking extremely easy. The sunroof is wonderful, man I’ve missed having one. It’s not great on gas, but not horrible. I’m using 13.6L/100km, with my usual 80/20 city/highway driving. The Subaru uses 111.2L/100km. I’ll notice the switch to 91 from 87 more than the consumption increase. The interior rattles over bumps more than I expected, but not worse than the Subaru.


On the highway, with cruise and AC on, it’s just lovely. Definitely a good road trip car. I’m happy with my purchase so far.

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