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Some interesting symptoms (Day 2)

So as some of you may have read, my 1999 Grand Prix GTP hasn't been playing well on the return portion of my 2000 mile road trip.

It all started to act up after we had reached our first destination and been there for about 4 days. I originally thought it acted up anytime the car was cold or cool however that appears to be wrong. It seemed to do just fine after the car had sat for hours. The problems arose after the car was warmed up and then stopped for short amounts of time (I.e. Any time the car was turned off or sat in traffic for a while).


The symptoms are that after being stopped from a warm car, it begins to act very upset as though its hiccuping. It will drop the revs and then shoot them high for just a moment. This happens while in park, while in idle, while accelerating, while decelerating, with the air on or with the air off. It also appears and has consistently gone away after the car has driven for about 5-10 minutes. Honestly I'm at a loss and have no clue. It seems to be related to the fuel system but no sensors pop up or anything.

And as a side note, I'm not sure I've ever heard the cooling fans turn on near the radiator. I'm wondering if it's overheating when it's off.


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