Some Kids Egged My Car

I’m a junior in Highschool. I live in Minneapolis. This means I know a bunch of the most mentally incapable, low life kids in the world. Class A jackasses.

Last night I was out with my friends and I decided to bike instead of driving because it was so nice out. I street park my car because project Civic is taking up the garage right now. My dad bought this car in 1995 and gave it to me in 2015. It has been street parked for 21 years, and only one incident took place. Some moron decided to cut through the top for my dads box of tapes, Which consisted of mostly Smiths and The Cure. Hope that guy was happy.


Anyway some morons from my school egged it last night and left egg shaped scratches all over and stained the top. I don’t instigate shit at school. I’m not a jackass. I just go to school and come home and be a person. I’m pretty sure they just decided to throw eggs at my car because I have a fun car and they don’t. That sure was nice of them.

I spent like an hour and a half picking egg yolk and shells off the car. From under the hood and in the pop ups.

Seriously, fuck you whoever did that

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