Be a regular at a local car meetup.

Attend a meetup at a local Bob’s Big Boy in my Viper.

See other ‘Merican muscle friend backing out of a spot in the back near a Corvette and Challenger.

Turn my blinker on to indicate I am parking in the area appropriate for the car that I am driving.

Car pulls out. I start to pull in.

Have a random teenager in a Datsun (Datson?) Z32 start honking his horn at me.

Guy nearly hits me. Doesn’t give two effs. Cost to me to repair my car is way more than him repairing his car.


Politely tell him “Next time you can use a turn signal so people actually know what you’re doing.”

Hear him call me a derogatory term for spending life working hard to buy a nice car.

People on the local car forum are surprised that the majority of the people that attend the meetups are EVOs and STis brahs.