Got some more trades yesterday. One from Arch Duke Masyenko, the Great! and 4 more from GRawesome. I traded a BMW 1M for a '57 Chevy from ADM, and I traded an Indycar, a couple Ferraris, and a Lamborghini for a BMW, Chevy Nomad, Plymouth 'Cuda, and a Mustang from GRawesome.

Arch's '57 and GRawesome's Nomad with my '55 Gasser.

EW90 M3 from GRawesome, with it's older brother and faster twin.


A Plymouth AAR Barracuda from GRawesome swapping paint with my Datsun 280z and a Toyota Celica I picked up last night.


GRawesome's Mustang being the star of this show.


Later on, while out wheeling in an '85 Toyota 4Runner and a Superlifted Wrangler, they heard a call come over the CB saying someone was stuck at the same place the Escort was. After going to investigate, they found this RX-7.

Last night's haul was the 3 in the last pic, plus the Celica

I'm getting addicted to the HWEP. I've still got trades coming in and in the works. It's definitely an awesome thing, and I'm glad it started. You can probably notice my name change. I barely even buy them anymore, I just trade now!