Have a look at the Genesis New York Concept below:

Pretty good looking design study for the future of the brand, right?! Now have a look at the brand new Hyundai i30 (Elantra GT):

That’s the new “Cascading” grill you’re seeing and it’s the new design signature for all future Hyundai models. I want to point this out in order to illustrate that this whole Genesis thing was NOT planned to happen right now. I mean it’s obvious all this stuff was intended to stay Hyundais, right? Maybe the separate luxury brand was supposed to happen in S. Korea with the introduction of the EQ900 (G90), but definitely not other markets. This is why the badgings are wonky. I mean what are you going to call the CUVs? The XG70 and XG90?! Good luck with that!!! The badging isnt even uniform between the Equus successor and the Genesis Sedan sucessor within their home market!

Alright, so Hyundai Motors DOMINATES the S. Korean market. Fairly recently the country opened up to more foreign brands and the laws that guaranteed local businesses and locally made products would be an unyielding majority of the home market share are fading away in order to capture more foreign dollars and increase export relationships and opportunities. Its kind of like if the US said we wanted to sell our luxury sedans in Germany but told Germany they can’t sell their trucks in the US without some huge payout, we’ll call it a tariff. Very similar to most regular relationships actually...

Anyways, now all these luxury brands are flooding into S. Korea, the local consumers are becoming less nationalistic to the point of even buying products that are *shivers*...Japanese! For the second year in a row Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors have seen their combined home market share fall below 70%! What’s crazier still is the fact that the Hyundai Group (parent company to Genesis Motors, Hyundai Motors, and Kia Motors) still makes 2 out of the 3 cars you’ll see in S. Korean, and yet everyone is FREAKING OUT over the fall of the now fourth largest automaker in the world! This is what happens when you aren’t used to competition. In a race you don’t need to be a mile ahead for a win to count. External competition is good for you Hyundai Group!


So this Genesis thing is to keep the extremely profitable business associates market happy with an actual luxury badge on their Hyundai Group-made cars instead of going with the Mercedes or BMW that every European and North American country in the world claims to be the greatest thing since English journalists found out people care about their opinions on performance cars even though they live in a country where it rains in every damn review!

I still don’t get it, basically reviewing sneakers underwater...where was I? Oh right! Add in that the US, the Middle East, East Asia, and Europe (despite what they’ll tell you) are extremely brand conscious, then add in Hyundai and Kia being at the top of most Quality, Loyalty, and Satisfaction Studies worldwide for several years in a row, then remember that every major world market has crazy disposable income right now and yeah you better believe they are launching this brand while the gettin’ is good instead of waiting for the next generation of cars to be made after 2020 and who knows what the automotive landscape will be like then!!


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I wash my hands of this stuff for now. Sure would be nice if other people would talk about this stuff that way I don’t end up with 30 pages of “Hyundai News” all up in my Internet history. What if my mom saw that?! So embarrassing!