Yesterday 10/29 morning I went down to my 2002 SVT Focus that was parked indoors. Got in and turned the key, the engine started to turn but I heard a very soft thud and then the engine wouldn't completely turn over. I tried again and could hear it trying but still not turning all the way over. I got out and opened the hood and I heard a very quiet bubbling sounds, as if an oil was draining from somewhere in the car. Went and got my GF to come down and try to start it while i stare blankly and confused at the engine. While she was attempting to start it while I watched I saw motion from the belts . Then i noticed the large mount of oil/coolant or something flowing from beneath the car to the nearby drain.

UPDATE::UPDATE:: 10/30 I tried a start test again. Still nothing. This time I watched closer and not in a morning stupor and noticed that there is motion in the engine when I try to start (belts moving etc.) Good sign.

The fluid is most certainly Coolant. (Ford Yellow) I checked the levels when I got home last night and it was completely empty. I then poured about a half gallon of water into the coolant tank to see if I could watch it flow out. The tank seemed to hold the water pretty well. While I waited I removed the spark plugs. All four were dry and showed no signs of any fluid contact.

Then I got back "under" the car as best I could and saw that a few new drops were on the floor. The consistency of these new puddles were mostly water. After shining a light around underneath for a while it looks like the leak (wherever it is coming from) is running down the Bell housing and dripping onto the floor from there.

I did some reading and saw that sometimes where the coolant flows into where the Oil filter is screwed on, those tubes can rust through. (i have no clue what that is called) I wasn't able to locate the filter and assembly because I don't have a lift and it is buried in the engine (thanks obama).