There are problems with the car. It’s not in perfect condition. HOWEVER, cheap RWD V8 GT car. I reiterate: cheap RWD V8 GT car.

The car is currently on the market for $3000 with a broken steering pump, non-functioning mirror adjusting knob, leaky trunk, leaky headlight, clutch issue, battery issue, and an indeterminate timing belt lifespan.

Cheap RWD V8 GT car.

The car is going to command as much as the asking price in repairs just to make it dependable.

Cheap RWD V8 GT car.

With everything that’s wrong with it, the engine is perfect, the interior is nice, the exterior is perfect. It’s got four wheel disk brakes (business), and the engine is a non-interference engine.


We’re going to offer $1500 in a couple of days.