Some nice BMW Wagons on CarMax right now

For those Jalops that are into this kind of thing (these are AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION wagons, not brown manuals), there are a couple of excellent 3-series wagons on Carmax right now. With the extended warranty, as well documented by Dodge Durango (doug demuro?), these are excellent purchases. And as the last years (‘11 and ‘12) of the E91, they are, presumably, the most pristine of the model that you’re going to find.

This one: is fully decked out with nav, sport package (sweet flappy paddles!), upgraded H/K sound (totally worth it if you can find it on a used car) and the coveted roof-rail delete which, I think, really preserves the lines of the wagon. (There are still mounting posts beneath little covers where the rails would be for screwing in an aftermarket rack super cleanly if needed. What’s nice about that is how simple it is to take the aftermarket rack off for the 90% of the time you don’t need it.)


And this one: has the rails, and is a Sport model, but it does not have the nav (which some people prefer it that way). Also, it’s a ‘2 - the last year of the E91 wagons. While the Sport seems like a confusing thing to throw on a wagon, much less a 328, it’s still fun to have.

I’ve kept my Carmax alert up since finding my E91 last year, and this is the first time in a long time I’ve seen a ‘12 + sport package come along, and even less common to see one without the roof rails.

Someone needs to give these wagons a good Jalopnik home.

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