some of BaXeL Foley's minor niggles

I’ve had my $999.90 Corolla for a little over a month and this is the complete list of things that are actually annoying:

  • One: 27mpg (up from ~26 average) when I expected 30+
  • 2: Hand operated parking brake. The wife’s is a foot operated parking brake. And I am easily confused. When I jump in my manual civic all confusion is lost. But in the two autos I am constantly reaching my hand or jabbing my foot into the wrong place or leaving the brake on altogether.
  • Thrice: Toyota, you cheap bastards! There’s no gear indicator “PRNDL” on the gauge cluster. 99% of the time I *click click click click* into D, but occasionally I land on N and have to look down to correct myself
  • Quattro: I installed a cheap subwoofer, and the controller knob has an LED on it that is equal to the brightness of the sun! like a tiny blue laser blazing directly into my eyes when I drive at night.
  • Fife: there’s no light in the trunk. it’s dark and scary in there at night!
  • Sex: No tint. the sun is spicy this week
  • se7en: the cheap radio headunit is excellent for the money, but the display is a little dim even at it highest setting
  • elephant in gardens hate trees: the dead pedal is poorly placed, and I find myself resting my bored left foot on its side and it gets all pins and needly
  • NEIN!: there’s a rattle somewhere to my left... or right, or it’s under the dash, or WHERE THE HELL IS THAT TINY RATTLE COMING FROM!?!!?!?!

But she’s a good car.

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