Some of my designs from when I was on Forza 4

Xbox packed up a while back but I found my old imageshack account login!! I used to make some decals and liveries and put them in whatever the Merchant was called (the only one I charge for is the Mr Pennybags Monopoly decal because that took ages [can anyone on F4 check if it's still in marketplace?? I was Saf4]) Here are some uploads:

NILE DIABLO GTR (Nile logo not mine)


I was a proud member of the EUropean Racing Club and we had a muscle car vs light old cars event where we had to tune to balanced PI (they tested the various cars on different tracks and balanced the max power, weight and parts usable to set tuning limits to make them actually battle) and we had to enter a car with our own livery incorporating EURC logos :) My racing number would be 3 but that was taken so I took my birthyear instead (still all 3s...)

DYING FETUS ACR (logo not mine), I later added light blood spray to the car that gravitated toward the intakes


Top Secret RZ - my version of the 986hp tuner Supra you get (god I miss them)


This Union Jack Mosler Joss JT1 was done as a request for someone who messaged me on XBL. You can tell it's mine because I couldn't get the 2 sections to line up from all angles :P


2-tone Mantide (signature simply uses one of the Forza fonts but I love how the f and the 1 make an arrow pointing up - this is now my actual signature in life!)

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