1. Sound of someone blowing their nose.

2. Two people in class throwing something back and forth over me. Kills me with anxiety.

3. Yellow light dilemma. If in doubt, stop. However, the time it took to think that through (I'm on a roll with this alliteration!) made you wait too long, and now you can only go.

4. The gap between the seat and the console. Bench seats don't have this problem.


5. Chrome air vent surrounds in the GMC Acadia. In the morning, the first direction I go is facing the sun, which reflects off the chrome and blinds me.

6. More annoying than the chrome, the sun visors are 1 millimeter above the sunlight. Nothing that sitting up straight won't fix though.


7. 4-way and 3-way intersections. Fortunately, roundabouts are phasing in.

8. That Clarkson may leave Top Gear right before the Stingray episode. Arguably the best of America in years, and the orangutan won't have the chance to nitpick it.


9. People play loud rap music from headphones or out of their car, forcing me to put the window up. Come on man, it's a beautiful day out here.

10. That I can't upload videos to Kinja directly from my iPad.

11. That I can't even watch videos on Kinja.

12. That I must wake up on weekdays at 6:10. College will be awesome sauce.