Well, because Dubai is a Mixture between first and third world countries, you will wonder what is the weirdest cars that on show in there?
Well, let's see..

There's a Nissan NV200..

And his Chinese Cousin..

Faux Hummer..



Faux Toyota Hatchback.


At first, I was thinking this Mitsubishi is not finished yet.

That is desperate.


And that is as bland as a tap water.

I can't belive the company that made something like Lancer Evo could come up with that sort of... thing.


That didn't look like a Joy for me.


And this is just hopeless..
I mean..
Piaggio thinks that the Ape Extra will survive in Dubai and it's vicious desert storm, and decide to sell it there. That's insane

There's the passenger version too!
But that's better than what lexus has done.


I mean..
This is a CAR SHOW, Lexus. Keep your bike for a bike show.

Anyway, which one is the worst?
Here's 3 Supercars to reset your mind back to the normal state.