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Some of these prices seem suspect to me

The Soul is at the dealership for recall work. Again. There is an issue with the ecu that lets the cat get so hot it could cause a fire in the engine bay. This is cooking the cat and o2 sensors.

We had some p420 codes when we brought it in the first time, but they only flashed the ECU. Luckily I had to bring it back in for the oil consumption test. It passed amazingly.


This second time they noticed the p420 codes and so they’re keeping the car and giving us a loaner. They told me that if they had seen codes they would’ve replaced all this jazz earlier. The paper work I have from the first visit even mention the check engine light being on.

Hopefully we can get our Soul back into good health with the removal of some carbon and the replacement of the cat, manifold and 02 sensors for only the cost of the intake cleaning.

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