The Next Step

Some of you may have seen my misadventure today involving the windscreen on the M edition.

Yesterday, I fixed a rattling speaker by remounting it. I've also ordered a heat shield to go between the aftermarket exhaust and gas tank to keep fuel from vaporizing in the tank. That pretty much sums up all the restoration the car needs. Now at stage 0. Back to stock, with 90,000 miles.

My question to you is: What's the next step? Limited funds, of course (it's a Miata not a Mercedes). This means I can likely only do one of the following things in the course of the next few months. Price range is rather low.

Some things I've been considering:


Front strut brace

Beefier sway bar(s)

Stainless brake lines

Brake cooling ducts, hooked up to an "R" style front spoiler (I made these raybestos pads smoke the other day)

Better brake pads


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