I’ve been going through my old photos this week and ran across these from my early days of digital camera ownership. While this was already several years after the Highway 17 Page of Shame had ceased to be updated, I figured that I would take pictures on my commute with my Kodak DC4800 digital camera and post them just as Emil Gallant did, except I never did.

This was on I-40 near Lonoke Arkansas on August 14, 2001. I guess the driver of the flatbed trailer who did this fancied himself to be quite the prankster. In any event it caught my attention and now 14 years later, I share it with the world.

And then from September 7, 2001 on Highway 10 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The world would change forever in 4 days. I have no idea why I was taking a picture of this blue Beetle.


Finally, a couple years after that. I-430 in Little Rock. Probably near the Kanis Road exit. The KARN radio traffic reporter, Mike Willingham, would drive the roads when the weather was too bad to fly.