Maybe these aren’t as rare as I think, I live in the just belt, well actually way above it, more like the Rust chest hair. Anyway I don’t see an Accord hatch too often especially not a fully loaded LXi wit the 12valve EFI motor, and not rust.

My brother had a 89 LXi sedan back in the day (like 02-3) and it was the car that got him into Hondas, and probably the first Honda I really had experience with. In fact it was the first car I ever really drove, aside from my Dad’s 88 ranger which I just steered, and a Volvo 740 of my bother’s but I was like 11 at the time and I was so scared I didn’t even use the gas I just let it coast hahaha.I drove the Accord around a church parking lot for an hour or so while my brother gave me tips I think I was 13. (HFV name has some cred)


Even being Auto that car was fun,and I bet it would be even better as a 2 door liftback. And for 1500 bucks this car is a steal