There’s a creek by my house, and despite living here nearly three years I finally got a chance to explore it last weekend. And I found this there, a lawn mower battery, right next to the creek. I’m sort of in disbelief.

Now, I’m not a active person who goes out of their way for the environment, but I do try my best to not make it worse, because I sort of like this planet ( it’s my favorite). There was other stuff there too, but this was the biggest, and most ridiculous, offender.

Just so oppo knows, I took the battery home, so I can take it in to be properly disposed of... unless it can hold a charge (I doubt it though), then I’ll keep it.

To leave this post on a more positive note, here’s some pics of the creek. It was quite nice to look at, and soothing too.


I have seriously no idea what that white thing is, it’s not paper nor metal.