So You Think YOU Have Bad Luck?

Some people are lucky enough in life that they can go their entire driving life without experiencing a single incident. Most people, however, will likely get into one, maybe two, incidents in the same time frame.

Me... not so lucky.

There's a joke that's trended from my family, to my friends, and finally to my car club about everything that I touch, everything that I do, will go up in flames. Or broken. Or written off.


Let me explain.

It started out innocently enough. A simple break-in while out for dinner in downtown Vancouver. The thief managed to get a book of CD's but was chased off before s/he could manage to snag anything else of value.

Then came my first real accident.

I found myself caught in the middle of a snowstorm a month after winter had officially ended. I tried to stay off the roads long enough to allow snow plows and sanding trucks to work the highway before I attempted the drive home. Smart move, I figured. However, on my way home, a drunk driver decided he wanted to be in the lane that I was in, in the exact same spot where I was. I reacted by braking and swerving from the middle lane to the right lane. Only problem is that the right lane hadn't been plowed and was full of slushy goodness.


So into a bridge support pillar I went.


That accident managed to mess my shoulder up badly enough that it still hurts to this day.

Amazingly a couple years passed without any incidents. At this point I had gotten out of Volkswagen's and was busy highly modifying Mazda's.


Which didn't turn out too well.


We suspect that the alternator was malfunctioning and allowed the battery to overcharge itself, though it is only a theory. The fact that we had just replumbed all the fuel lines with braided steel hopefully was a nonstarter for this inferno.

A little while later resulted in the only (so far) at-fault accident of my driving career. Some woman ahead of me pulling off the highway decided to not merge onto the side street and I was too busy shoulder checking to notice that she had decided to stop dead in the middle of the merging lane.


The most alarming incident is probably the following.


I had brought the Pathfinder to a shop to get a fuel injector replaced because it was in the middle of winter and it was too damn cold to pull the intake runner apart myself. The mechanic had ended up leaving an oily rag on the exhaust manifold after putting everything back together. Because I took this thing onto the highway right after leaving the shop, it managed to keep itself cool enough until I pulled off and went to gas up. Once the wind blowing through the engine bay stopped, it flared up. Luckily I now carry a racing rated fire extinguisher with me at all times, so I managed to get the fire out before anything bad could happen. Scared the shit out of the gas station attendant on duty, though.

And then only last weekend my new Saab 900se Turbo decided to go for a tour by itself through my weekday townhouse residence. No damage except for a small scuff on the rear bumper. Oh, and that's a "No Parking" sign it's up against. I think I should have left it parked that way for the night.


Not pictured, but worth mentioning, is when my Blazer's e-brake deciding to snap while parked on the top of the hill where I live. Went for a nice jaunt down the hillside and into a bunch of trees. Luckily nothing mechanical was damaged and only the front skin and bumper needed to be replaced.


Now, I'm sure I'm not the only person on this website to have bad luck when it comes to vehicular incidents. Let's hear your stories!

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