Some people (chicken tikka masala for your time).

Yesterday I had a customer come into the store asking about car wheel cleaners (most customers know me for my car cleaning antics). So I told him Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner.

H says he’s been using a wheel cleaner that does a great job, names it, then says it is getting more expensive.

I tell him yes, it would be a good wheel cleaner as the one he mentioned is acid based and damaging over time. He doesn’t quite hear me as he’s already talking over me. So I say again.


He asks about the Bilberry and I tell him it can be diluted down 8:1 for lightly soiled wheels and neat for heavy soiled wheels (again he’s talking over me).

This goes on for another five minutes that feels like an hour.

This customer tried telling me once that WD40 removes scratches. I told him it doesn’t, the WD40 makes the surface look wet which means the light isn’t catching the scratches in a way you can see them, they are still there and will become apparent after the WD40 has dried off or been washed off. His reply, ‘well I sold the car I was selling because the buyer couldn’t see the scratches’. Idiot.

Here’s the chicken tikka masala I just made.

Heavy on the chicken, heavy on the tomatoes and borderline on the dried chillies I used. 


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