So today I'm taking my dog out for a little walk. (Yes, I get to bring my dog to work with me) And I'm wandering around the back side of the business park, not a lot there but a bunch of parked cars and some bushes my dog likes to dive into.

Anyway we're walking along, minding our business and hear a sound. The dogs ears pop up and he starts dragging me towards a Lexus SUV with lightly tinted windows.....and in the back is some dude getting a hummer from some cute asian chick....They were sort of positioned in the middle of the back seat, so you could see what was going on if you were directly in front of the car...which we were.

I'm not sure if he saw me, but I just gave him a thumbs up and went about my lunch break thinking to myself....maybe that's why SUV's are so popular.