Customer: "Do you have any spark plugs for a '93 RX-7?"

Me: "Turbo or non-turbo?"

Customer: "Turbo."

Me: "Ah, okay. Standard heat range?"

Customer: ".......whatever you have in stock.... what do you mean by heat range?"

Me: "Well, is the car stock o.."

Customer interjects "Its built up. I should probably run a hotter plug."

Its at this point I know this guy knows SHIT about cars, especially his own, and has no fucking business owning a turbo FD or ANY nice car, and he should keep his damn hands off any of the internal parts. He then goes on in our conversation to not know how many plugs it has, and hasn't even removed them so has no idea if he even needs any. He's basically just wasting my time.


I love my job!