A co-worker/friend and I are chatting while getting coffee in the lunch room. He’s interested in (but doesn’t like) VW rat rods.

Another co-worker enters. A bit of background about him: I’ve spoken with him before, and I think he’s at least a semi-car-guy. His first car was a Volvo 240 and his second a 1st gen. MR2. He now drives a Legend. In his mid to late 20’s and a really nice guy.

He asks what a rat rod was, and my friend and I try to find the best way to explain. We touch on "barn find", on the cheap, yada, yada, yada. It dawns on me the best way to describe them may be as the vehicles in Mad Max.

“What’s that? A movie?” he says. “You’re dead to me” I say, turn 180 on my heel, and exit. Unbelievable.