So I was going to the store and...

So I am the white arrows, the center lane is a bi-directional turning lane. As I move into the turn lane I notice “the offender” (red block) come to a stop at the parking lot.

Now I am already in the turn lane, and have the right of way, yet, “the offender” starts to pull out into my oncoming path. I stop.


Now at this point “the offender” is face to face with me in the turn only lane, looking at me with a profoundly stupid look on their face. As you may notice by this point in the drawing, I have noted that there are no cars in the lanes of travel “the offender” should be moving into. I am still stopped.

Now to further the display of idiocy it is important to know that by this point in time, there are now vehicles in the forward lanes behind me, but yet, still no cars in the lanes of travel that “the offender” should be moving into.


Finally, proving the cumulative intelligence of a caterpillar humping a dung beetle, “the offender decides it is in their best interest to cut left, moving into oncoming traffic, to get around me, who is still at a dead stop, shaking my head with my hands up like WTF are you doing, instead of moving right, where there are STILL no cars in any of the lanes of travel.

My god.

How. How do you get through life?