Below are some pictures and my thoughts on some of the cars I’ve opined about in the past without actually seeing in real life. As an added bonus, I’ve added my wife’s opinion of each car. She is a fairly “average” automotive consumer meaning she cares about what she drives from an image perspective and she loves her GMC Acadia.

1) Ford GT

Not a Ford guy but the GT looks better in real life than in pictures. It looks almost like a concept car. I’m not that crazy about it from the front or even the side (still looks good but a little cartoony), but it just looks incredible from behind.


Wife’s opinion: Wow, that is a crazy looking car.

2) Viper ACR


My personal favorite car of the show. The biggest difference between a viper in the flesh and in pictures is the size, they look giant in pictures but this is a fairly small car in real life. It might not be, but it looks smaller than the Ford GT. I think the Viper looks really good and the ACR in flat white looks even better. Somehow Dodge made all the bolt on bits look good.

Wife’s opinion: Cool, but the Ford GT is better.

Miata RF



Doesn’t look as good in real life as it does in pictures. The back end of the car is now way out of proportion. I love Miatas and the new Miata is a good looking car but the RF is not.

Wife’s Opinion: The normal Miata is better. Why do you like Miata’s so much? Why are there more people looking at this Miata than the Acura NSX?



This looks exactly like it does in pictures. Somewhat boring, somewhat busy, not very well proportioned. It’s a little bit like an uglier F430 but there is something just off about this car and it’s hard to put a finger on it. The side profile is the best angle. The front is the worst.


Wife’s Opinion: “Meh” Nothing special.

Lincoln Continental


Horrible. Tacky. The hood/front is too short and too tall relative to the rest of the car. It looks like a stretched “normal car” with some blingy bits tacked to it. XTS notwithstanding, comparing this to Cadillac’s lineup is simply embarassing from a styling perspective. This does not look like a luxury car. I can’t stress how bad this car looks in real life in relation to its competition and what it is striving to be (a luxury flagship).

Wife’s opinion (and her family used to own a Ford dealership): That looks tacky. It costs how much?!

Alfa Romeo Guilia


I really wanted to love this car but I did not. It looks pretty good from the side but misses from the front. The front looks much worse in real life than in pictures. It’s neither sporty nor elegant nor classy. It is aggressive, but in an ugly, very busy way. Also, the interior does not look very nice (I was not able to sit in it) and the back seat looks tiny.

Wife’s Opinion: It’s ugly. “Why do you like Alfa’s? I thought you said they are unreliable”


Lexus LF (is that it?)

Looks better in real life than in pictures. Looks better than the NSX. A little cartoonish due to its extremely long hood but overall pretty nice looking.


Wife: It looks pretty good.

GMC Acadia

No pic but the new Acadia sucks. GM had a really nice niche with the old/current Acadia since it was bigger than an Explorer but smaller than a Tahoe. Part of why we bought an Acadia over an Explorer was its roominess and airiness. The new one is cramped and dark. Also the interior is not as nice as the old one. The wood looks a little tacky as does the dash/buttons.



No pic but the CT6 is a really nice looking car. Well proportioned, elegant, classy. The interior looks pretty nice too.