I recently was at the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Museums in Stuttgart. I’m going to start sharing some of the more interesting/unusual things I came across.

Let’s start with this:


Looks like a 1st gen 911, right? Now let’s have a look at the back:

Not a Porsche 911.

What this actually is, is a 1959 Porsche Type 754 T7 prototype. And it has a 1966cc 4 cylinder engine. This is a notchback study that predates the 911.


But what this really is, is Porsche’s initial thoughts in 1959 about what might come after the 356.

Also, wikipedia says it was built in 1961. But the plaque in front of the car says it was built in 1959.


And I’ll post other things I found interesting from these two museums in the coming days rather than doing the usual photo dump.

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