OK so I googled this but got more answers regarding taxes and registrations than anything else so thought I might put it out here:

Illustration for article titled Some questions on leasing- specifically out of state

1. Can I lease from another state? Are there some dealers or manufacturers who do not allow that? I didn’t see any laws against it

2. Suppose I lease in CA then move to OR, are there any restrictions on the lease?


3. Supposed I do manage to get a lease from a CA dealership (say Alfa Romeo) and then I move from OR to Maine. What does one do at the end of the lease? Can I go to any nearby Alfa Romeo dealership and return the lease? or does it have to be sent back to the CA dealership?

4. Say it’s not such a long distance scenario, I lease car from a dealer 100 or 200 miles away for a 12k a year lease. At the end of it I have 36K miles. Now the 100 or 200 miles I drive to drop off the car (Assuming that is the only dealership nearby), would that be charged as extra miles over the lease term?


Not looking to lease any time soon. Just curious to know the options available

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