In the San Antonio/Hill country area, there’s too many damn MB SUVs and loaded pickup trucks. People need to buy more sports cars and hot hatchs! Seriously, the roads around here rival those of the PNW. There’s no reason to drive around $70k truck or SUV when you could buy a Toyobaru and a cheap CUV for the same price. They also need to replace that Tesla dealership on I-10 with a Lotus one. Who cares about eMPGs with roads this fun!

I’m also upgrading my personal ranking of the GT Altimax RT43s. Previously I said there wasn’t anything remarkable about them performance wise, they were just decent tires. But now that I live somewhere with roads that have sharp technical turns, I’m getting more impressed with the grip these things have. I think I was harder on them than I should have, because when I first got them in WA was coming from BFG Comp whatevers and of course no budget all season is going to touch those. But yeah, if you’re looking for some all seasons with reasonable tread wear that you can confidently hustle in the “canyons” then these aren’t a bad pick.

Plus they even come in 14" for our antiquated econoboxes!