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Some Real BS

So if you fallow B is For Build you probably already know about this, but he just lost the rights to several of his videos, AND had this project car taken away.

He was building a 2015 Mustang, with a bout of a 67 Fastback. The problem was that he was using an Elenor Body kit, like Gone in 60 Seconds Elenor.


Well the company that owns the rights to Gone in 60 Seconds caught wind of it, and put a copy right claim into the videos because he was using the Elenor name, and then seized the car. I’m guessing the body kit was not a properly licensed one?

I really hope it all gets sorted out and he gets the car back, even if they seize the Elenor™️ Body panels. He can always just put regular 67 Cobra parts on.

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