Nothing major, just a few stupid people I noticed last night and this morning.

In heavy traffic last night, about to merge into the middle lane as I am looking and signalling a Prius comes out of NOWHERE. Luckily I looked back forward in time to see I was moving left at just the right amount to not hit her dumb ass.

Then a little closer to home I come across an asshat who doesn't think he needs to stop at a stop sign, and rolls into the roadway.... then the van I am following (that DID stop at that sign) brakes and swerves for a parking spot a bit abruptly.

This morning ANOTHER lady cuts me off, this time in the rain and darknessish with no lights on, barely signals (was obscured by my a-pillar), and cuts in real close in an intersection.... which is risky, to say the least.

Disclaimer: All instances recorded by my dash cam are closer than they appear due to the wide angle fish-eye lens that it and all dashcams have.