Some Restoration And Cuteness Overload

Got these solid engine mounts from a buddy of mine that were rusty but trusty. The first picture was after lots and lots of wire wheel activity. My daughter decided she wanted to get dirty with a wire brush and scotch brite, so this happened.

The painted picture was the final outcome. Don’t mind my daughter being a little diva haha, she turns into a diva whenever the camera rolls. She absolutely loves cars and working with cars. She actually did a phenomenal job, I think she’s partitaly OCD to be honest. Her mount came out better than mine did!


So there you have it. Involve them young and keep them interested. Girls love to get dirty too, especially this little 5 year old of mine.

As far as the mounts go, they’re solid roll stop mounts for the top and bottom position of the engine. The front mount goes right behind the radiator, and the rear mount is right under the intake manifold. Coupled with poly mounts on the sides these will eliminate wheel hop and broken transmission cases.

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