Some small progress on the RX7 winter work

I had some time today to work on the RX7 a bit, which is good since I would like this winter project to actually be done by spring, unlike last year’s winter project which was completed mid-October.

As can be seen, the oil pan has been re-installed with the RTV/Gasket/RTV sandwich specified in the factory service manual (it’s worth noting that when I removed it, it was just RTV and leaking profusely). Everything is torqued to spec (well, almost everything - the front bolts are blocked by the cross member, so I used an open-end wrench and made clicky noises with my mouth to trick them into thinking they were torqued) and such. The oil temp switch has new thread sealant on it, and the level sender got a new o-ring.


I also re-installed the rebuilt OMP with a fresh gasket, cleaned up the lines that connect to it, and put the correct spring-type clips on the lines to hold them. No pictures for this part, it’s pretty restricted to get at, let alone photograph.

Next up will be rebuilding the steering linkage. Parts are on the way (estimated delivery this week), and as can be seen above, the linkage is already mostly disconnected (required for dropping the oil pan). I’m really, really hoping that, come spring, this doesn’t leak oil nearly as bad as it used it. I would be amazed if it didn’t leak at least a little, though.

I am considering the relatively complex process of adjusting the steering gear (complex in terms of steering gear adjustment, that is) since it’s a bit sloppy after 180k miles, but I need a specially-modified 40mm socket, and a bit of other fiddling. We’ll have to see about that one - I’m having trouble even sourcing a 6-point 40mm socket for <$25.

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