I'm bored and listening to some music, so I decided to share some with you. Feel free to critique my tastes, but if you have anything negative to say about any of this, you're just wrong. :D

With the exception of two of them, I think all were featured in video games. I know for a fact that TatW and CSS are also in video games. (CSS has been in Forza quite a lot, and both are in MC:LA, but different songs) Anyway, point is I've been debating on trying to get an hour or so every week with the radio station here with the very loose theme of 'these songs were all made famous by video games' or something like that. Generally, they'd all be on the alternative side like these so it wouldn't be a complete mess of unrelated stuff. But ANYWAY, would anyone listen to that? Obviously none of you (except one, I think) would actually hear it, but just imagine it was available to you. Be honest.