Badass supercharged Ranger.

Ugly-yet-interesting Miata kit car.

VW pickup traveling from Mexico!


Off-road ambulance!

Super clean 190e


Two Mustangs across eight spots...

From Florida. Probably a drug dealer.


Young muscular dude. Probably an athlete, but I don’t follow any local sports so I didn’t recognize him.

One sexy Kia Sportage.


My neighbor owns two VW bugs and a bus. No idea who owns the green car (or what it is, for that matter) or the yellow bug (his second is red) but he also owns three other cars and two motorcycles. He parks in the street all the time, which isn’t allowed in my neighborhood. But he’s president of the HOA so he can do what he wants, I guess...

Douchebag motorcycle. I hope the minivan has a wheelchair ramp that will come down and knock it over.


Wow, what a steal on two!