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Some Stuff Many Jalops Don't Seem to Consider

  • Even if you are the best / safest / most aware driver in the entire universe, that will not save you if you are trapped in traffic and ANOTHER bad driver runs into you.
  • You can do everything right on the road and still get hurt. What safe driving does is minimize those chances, which of course still helps.
  • Operating vehicles that do not protect you in an accident are probably the most exciting vehicles to drive. But they require you not to only be extremely good, but also continuously lucky to survive perpetually unscathed.
  • In a bad accident it is just as likely that you will be seriously maimed than just flat out be killed, which extends suffering and damages quality of life significantly while avoiding the escape of a quick death.
  • Nothing will protect you if you crash at 100+ mph.

But not you, of course. I see what you write in the comments and you’re a sharp guy or gal. And some of you are luckier than others (I am completely unlucky, plus my wife worries.)


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