Some suspension carnage

Sorry for the blur-o-vision pictures, but my potato wouldn’t focus very well.


Needless to say, the Jag’s rear drop links and tie rods were in pretty desperate need of attention. Odd as almost everything else looks to be in good shape.

Almost done, but around 11PM last night the passenger side tie rod stripped out so I’m cutting it out today. Gave me a chance to hit everything with penetrating fluid overnight.


Also looks like I need new parking brake pads (separate caliper from the main ones) but, naturally, to do that requires a special electronic tool to tell the parking brake computer to release the cable. Also looks like if I ever need to replace the actuator you have to remove the rear subframe and diff. Hooray!

Brakes aren’t as bad as they look, but I am surprised they’re solid and not slotted.

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