Some teenagers taunted me when I took this photo but I don't care

My car was nice and deserted the other night after the gym, so I decided to kneel down to take a pic. Then a gaggle of teenagers coming out of Chipotle hollered, “NICE CAAAAAARRRRR!!!!” followed by lots of (maybe?) ironic giggling.

I took this in stride and just said thank you back to them and ignored them as I walked the not-short-enough distance to the car from the spot where I took this now-cropped picture.


Of course, after I left the parking lot, I had to wait at a red light and a Camry full of those same kids pulled up next to me and there was considerable more teehee-ing. I don’t know if it was directed towards me, or life in general.

Tee hee the fuck up out of here you durn kids!

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