I’ve made it a habit of talking to Tesla owners whenever I get a chance, and one thing I have always noticed, is not one of them has dodged the question when asked about quality/reliability. So far, out of the 10 or so that I’ve had the chance to ask, not a single one of them have any major complaints of things going wrong. Yeah, some have listed some small things that have went wrong, but I’ve never had internet Tesla owner “This car is awful” syndrome. Could it be that the few that have had actual reliability issues(not qc issues) are just the incredibly loud minority?

The car that sparked this thought:

The paint isn’t faded, it’s a wrap because the owner got tired of cleaning the black original color.
Other than a little wear where the owner slides in, it’s absolutely flawless inside.

It’s an earlier build 2013 P85 nearing 100k miles, and other than one window regulator that just went this week, it’s had zero issues. The owner and his wife like it so much, his wife now has a Model 3.

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