Some things arrived

Great day at the Monterey historics yesterday. More rare and beautiful cars than I have ever seen in one place....and that’s just the parking lot. (Photodump later)

Driving around the area during Car Week is a truly remarkable experience. It seemed like there was at least two of everything, even 2 Espadas (one parked, one driving on the way out). I got home exhausted, but pleased to see some items have arrived.


I have painted myself into a corner. If I do not do a big Halloween in my yard, I think the neighbors would think I died. We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood now, and hopefully some families follow my lead on this.

Here’s a weird thought. Last year, I had a X-Mas decoration stolen off my lawn. Every year for Halloween, I put out expensive animatronics and smoke machines, and nobody has ever taken anything. Odd.

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