For me thats the lust and desire of the first car I ever tried to mod. Try as I did, my ideas, skills and cash flow never met together in a way to make things happen for me. Still hasn't and probably never will, well not for this project any ways. So let me share the desire that this day has a spot in my heart and soul.

When I was 16 I bought my first car for $800. the year was 2001 and the car was a 1988 Dodge aries K in champagne with burgundy interior.

Just like that one. It was a single owner car with under 40k on the clock. no rust and ran great! had the 2.2 I4 putting out a paltry 97 horse power and about 120 ft-lb. it moved that little car via an auto 3 speed fairly well. according to the NY state police it was capable of doing 104mph on a long downhill with a few minor tweaks. Such as port polish, advanced timing and other generally not very helpful stuff that a young wanna be gearhead is wont to do. I still doubt that and so did the judge who threw out my ticket! he didn't even try to reduce it as it was as laughable to him as it was to me. I mean any time I got anywhere near 85 the thing became an aerodynamic nightmare, shaking like the dickens, floating around. a brick just can not push air out of the way at speed.

Still brick or no brick I always wanted to do more with it. I have never been one too much to fall in love with the flashy sports car. I like the understated, the sleeper. the sort of car that makes you go WTF when you see it preforming above and beyond what you'd expect. which lead me to acquiring one of these.


the 2.2 turbo type 3 from a dodge Spirt R/T with the lotus reworked DOHC head on it. Good for 224 hp and 217 ft-lb. though unfortunately it was no where in the shape as the one shown. it had a caught fire, ceased a piston, and needed a new turbo. also one of the cams had been worn down really bad. the car I had recovered it from was turned into a week end drag car and had been over boosted to a claimed 300+ hp by the previous owner. I figure some time and new parts I could fix it up for the good ol' rally K. Oh right short side bar, in an attempt to make it sit lower and be more sporty I have cut the springs which gave her a nice bouncy, hard ride which made even driving on glass feel like you where off road rally racing. So hence the name.


Anyways, I had also acquired the 5spd out of a shelby daytona to mate to it. Also totally blown. the dream was in motion. right up to the point where I started to source parts for the rebuild. after I had the engine apart and started to rebuilt it the cost started to climb on me. to the point where my $800 car was looking at close to 10k in parts.. so sadly I sold what I could, the engine block, the transmission, head assembly . ended up about $30 in the black after selling them. How ever the dream was dead.

dead but not forgotten. to this day on a dark stormy night I'll find my mind wondering to what could have been the greatest sleeper of all time. though sadly the car, the engine are getting harder and harder to source. maybe some day I can get lucky. maybe some day..