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Spoiler alert for season 4 of Sherlock below!

I can’t remember ever finding a more fitting song than this- Let her go by Rag’n’bone man. I found this song after a my grandmother finally passed away after almost a month in a coma, including almost 2 weeks after being disconnected from all her machines when they said she wouldn’t last more than 3 days, apparently he wrote it about his own grandmother.

Me and my wife just finally finished season 4 of Sherlock the other night and we were both quite relieved when Redbeard turned out to be a child and not a dog. Are we monsters?


And to keep it car related I skimmed through the fastest car on netflix and found it very disappointing, the first couple episodes weren’t great but I thought it might improve and then it got way worse, most of them I skipped the middle 45 min or so just to see the intros for the cars and then the race. But I also feel like it carelessly glamorized street racing.

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