I was fortunate to go the the North American International Auto Show, or the Detroit Auto Show for short, or the NAIAS for shorter, this week and have a few thoughts and photos to share.

First off, the Koenigsegg Agera RS which did the record run was absolutely breathtaking. The details in the aerodynamics and the beautiful carbon fiber are just incredible. This car looks far more special than any of supercar I’ve seen. I can’t imagine how this looks going down the road.


I unfortunately did not get a great shot of the new G-Class, but in person the difference is much more obvious. They did an incredible job refining the styling without messing with the traditional look of it. Most importantly, no more exposed fasteners! I know some folks around here will appreciate that.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t properly compare the two new trucks from GM and FCA, but as far as styling goes, I found the Ram to be handsome, if a little boring, while the Silverado was interesting, but busy. I think each will have people who love the looks, but I personally prefer the Ram. As far as the interior of the Ram, it’s really impressive. The 12 inch screen is fantastic looking and the amount of storage and the overall design is outstanding, far better than the latest F-150.

Speaking of Ford...

Why is this there!?

This is the only photo I took of the F150 because I could not figure out why they put a parking sensor there. Any ideas?


And finally, my biggest disappointment, the new Toyota Avalon. I think the Avalon has potential, with nice proportions and a very sharp looking rear 3/4. That grill is just the worst though. Actually, no, that hood shut line is the worst, but the massive grill is so ugly that you almost forget about it. Hopefully Toyota realizes how awful this looks and freshens it up.

Here, have a Ford GT to cleanse your eyes after seeing that awful grill.

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