was home sick yesterday so binged on some Scottsdale action for ‚ÄúSuper Saturday‚ÄĚ.

1-I still yell at the TV far too regularly ‚Äúthat sold for that much?!?‚ÄĚ

2-I still hit the mute button when they stop the bidding for the 2 head clowns to talk up the car again about how the bid is half what it should be.

3-The producer of the telecast has the list of cars coming up next. how about going to commercial for the 6th Corvette restomod in a row and show the different cars.

4-Corvette restomods are the ‚Äúit‚ÄĚ thing this year, but $300k USD all day for the high end builds isn‚Äôt sustainable.


5-I should have been born into a richer family

now get off my lawn while I go yell at the wind! Ghia for your time.