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I accepted the new job at the new place. But I was feeling kinda down about having to say goodbye to everyone here and I felt like I was abandoning people. I was looking for a reminder as to why I wanted to leave and, well, I got one yesterday.


I called in sick due to a heavy cough and lots of nasty gunk coming out of me. Pretty nasty stuff. Boss asked me to come in for a few hours. Why? Not for a meeting, not for a technical question, not for some formula help, but to ship packages through our UPS program because my company has decided that the laboratory handles all small packages and I am the only one who can be assed to work the program correctly.

I have no problems with helping out my department and with taking on some responsibilities. But lately that happened again and again and I am doing a wide variety of non-R&D tasks. None of which are in my job description and my year end review is only based on the R&D stuff. I asked not too long ago about the timetable to get some of these responsibilities put back onto other positions that we filled and got told “ We’re not doing that.” I asked to have my job description expanded to include goals for these responsibilities and got told “ Your description is fine as is”.


I feel for whoever has to wrap up any R&D I was working on, but I don’t feel bad that these extras are going back to the technicians and other employees. I get that I do them well, but that was why I was frustrated - being told that this was my job, but it would never be used to judge how well I do my job.

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