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Some tools that changed my life.

First up, this socket set:

Sure, it’s rather spendy for a kit with no drivers, however, those swivels... they save so much pulling off other stuff to get at bolts. Way better than U-joint style in every way and ways I can’t describe.


This one I got as a gift:


I never thought the flex head and short swings would be great, but the 3/8 drive handled pretty much every fastener on pulling my Corvair’s drivetrain and getting the transmission separated in short order.

Long extensions in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive.


Brand isn’t important, just get some. You have no clue how sweet it is to be swinging a ratchet in free space while the socket is buried arm deep in wretched crampness.

This T-handle gizmo:



Looks gimmicky as hell, but it really does work. Put a socket on the end, spin fasteners down, spin them off. For a lot of work you can easily get them tight enough that you don’t even need a socket.

If you have some that you love, post them here! This isn’t a sponsored post but if any of the companies above wanna throw me tools, I’ll take them. Just don’t expect me to do anything. Seriously. I may take the free tool and just throw it in a drawer. Just saying.

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